Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sarah's Daughters

In the Genesis 12 account; Abram and his wife Sarai were going down to Egypt.

"As he was about to enter Egypt, he said to his wife Sarai, 'I know what a beautiful woman you are. When the Egyptians see you, they will say, "This is his wife." Then they will kill me but will let you live. Say you are my sister, so that I will be treated well for your sake and my life will be spared because of you.'"

Abraham feared for his life due to the inner and outer beauty of His wife. This passage of scripture raises a lot of questions. The primary one would be Sarah’s beauty. Also, we need to remember that Sarah was not as young as she once was. Her and Abraham were advanced in years… she was seen as beautiful at age 65? Possibly.

Abram and Sarai were given a new name and a new promise. They were the heirs to the lineage of God’s descendants, that would outnumber the stars in the sky. Sarah was a noble and virtuous woman who waited upon God and trusted that God was and is true to His word.

Sarah’s beauty was clearly outward, but wasn’t merely so. She had a meek and gentle spirit. She trusted and believed God, and lived out her faith. She served God and then the needs of her family. She strived to more like Christ, thinking of herself with humility and was not conceited. I’m sure she laid down her life for them, day by day. She lived a quite life, with excellence and sobriety. She respected and loved her husband, and encouraged him to be the man of God he was called to be.

“For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also

adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands, as Sarah obeyed

Abraham, calling him lord, whose daughters you are if you do good and are not

afraid with any terror.” (1 Peter 3:5-6)

If we believe God, live out our faith and don’t give place to fear, we too, can be Sarah’s daughters.

By: Kristin McLeod

Monday, November 1, 2010

Girlfriendship- My Sisters

Throughout my life I have had some long term

and satisfying relationships with girlfriends. I have

learnt that these friendships are sweet while they lasted,

but these relationships seem to come and go. I know it

is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved

at all, and I often times reflect and look back at the wonder-

ful memories of girls who shaped my life. But my true blue

friends that have stuck by me through thick and thin, have

put up with me, cried with me, and cheered and applauded

me: have to be my two best friends to this day that is my

sisters: Brianne and Danielle. Yes, there are three of us, and

I am the eldest. I am actually seven years older, so when

my sisters were in diapers and playing house I was a swarthy

teenager. My interest in them never changed. I grew up but

never out of love with playing tea party, or teacher and drawing

on chalk boards, or putting on wild theatricals, and even

playing Barbies with my sisters ‘till I was eighteen years old!

I was the oldest and I got to be the ringleader and to my sisters

all my ideas were golden, my parents just thought I was occupy-

ing the little ones but in actuality, I was inventing and creating

our own little world.

Now that we are older there doesn’t seem to be so much

of an age gap and we are all young adults. We still do

everything together, and on a Saturday night we prefer

to make an activity to do list and stay in having a dance

competition, doing makeovers with before and after pictures,

playing spoons, or just talking and regaling about our weeks.

We just did this Monday night, I had an idea that we should

say 10 positive things about each of us, the other two would

each say five and we were all so encouraged and felt built up

on the inside. There was this get together on the weekend

with a large group of friends, and my ex showed up! This is

my ex that I haven’t seen in over four years and he is now

engaged. My sisters saw him arrive on the scene and it was

so sweet, because I knew what they were doing, they both

scoped me out of the crowd and sat on either side of me,

they were there to support me and were ultimately con-

cerned about how I would respond. That really touched

me to know that they are looking out for me and that they

have my back. There is also a spiritual dimension to my

relationship with my girls (sisters) we have the same belief

system that is very rare these days but we stick by it and

have the same morals and standards. We pray for each other

and also correct and challenge each other. On my wedding

day it is going to be really hard to decide which one is going

to be my maid of honour, but I know they won’t mind as long

as they get to be in my wedding party. There is a scripture in

the Bible that says one can be over powered, two can defend

themselves, but a three strand chord who can break? I know

my sisters and I are that strong three strand chord, and that no

matter what life throws at us, or if the sands of change shift in

our lives, that we’ll always remain as one, in life, love, present,

past and future; in sharing a bond that cannot be quickly broken.

By: Kristin McLeod

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How I see Myself When I Look in the Mirror

In the past I've been anything but comfortable with the way I look. I've always had the gift of admiring other people's beauty and appreciating the way God made them... but whenever I gazed in the mirror or at a picture of myself it was quite the opposite. In my mind all my flaws would be magnified and I would flounder for one thought that recognized any true beauty there.

On top of that, I would read magazines as a teenager and see perfect teeth, legs, complexions and girls with not one hair out of place! My insecurity would begin to blaze inside of me and I knew that I certainly would never look like those models or achieve perfection. I thought about how happy those girls must be to have people's attention, have love from boys,and have the grace and confidence every girl wants. To carry themsleves with pride (dignity), or to have other girls be jealous of them. Other girls would look up to you and copy your hairstyle or they way you dressed. But most impotrtantly (I thought) people would really hear you when you have something important to say. Okay, I thought I could have everything if I achieved "the look."

Then I turned 20. As I became an adult and my body parts filled in where they needed to, I guess you could say I got more comfortable with myself. Through the Light of Life I discovered I was okay being me. Okay being me, even without the hair dye, make- up or excessive weight loss.

You see.... all those teen years I had given up on my outter appearance because I knew I would never measure up in the world's eyes or be a "beauty queen." (Man looks at the outward appearance but GOD looks at the heart.) So, I worked on my character and perfected my soul and the way I looked at and treated other people. Mostly, I strived to be more like Christ. That seemed easier to me than grasping at air to win the approval and praise of man... to be "seen" by them. That is how I started to feel good about myself. My inner beauty started to be noticed by a select few, but most importantly GOD saw! Now He (Jesus Christ) is what makes me beautiful. He's the light in my eyes and gives me a youthful complexion through the peace and hope He has placed in my life. He has given me balance and self- control which is my biggest "tummy tamer." In other words, He keeps me in shape. He gives me a glow when I smile that lets the whole world know I am His daughter.

He tells me that HE (the King of Kings) is entralled by my beauty. He made me and I am wonderfully made. Even though I may never make the cover of a "girlie" magazine... I KNOW my name is written in the Lambs book of Life. That is more than enough for me!!

God made you in His image, you are perfect just the way you were made. Beauty only lasts a short time... but true beauty is who you are on the inside. It's in your smile, your servant heart (when you lend a hand), or when you put someone else's needs before your own. Like a lucious red rose outter beauty fades and deteriorates but the grace of your mind, heart and actions go on and on.

By: Kristin McLeod

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Holy Bible By: Kristin McLeod

My form of empowerment is the Holy Bible. It gives me a clear perspective and take on life and is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path. It encourages me and empowers me to live out the Christian life on a day to day basis. It exposes and convicts me of my shortcomings so with the Holy Spirit’s help I can sharpen and improve my character. Through reading the scriptures everyday it gives me the grace assurance and confidence of the Father’s love for me. With that love and genuine acceptance I can face anything this world throws at me. Even when people are unkind to me or try to bring me down, it says in the word of God in Romans 15:3, the reproaches of those who reproach you have fallen upon me (Jesus). The Bible is the source to all the questions I have about life and is my source of wisdom. In proverbs,  which was written by King Solomon, who was the wisest man who ever lived, it gives me insight and enlightenment on everything that goes on under the sun. I read the Bible for enjoyment, strength, comfort, and even for healing from life’s storms. It renews my mind when my thoughts are clamored with negativity and judgmental thoughts and keeps me on the right path. It helps me to forgive and see people and treat them as I would like to be treated. It gives me a reason to sing and dance when I read the Psalms, helps me to praise God in every season of the soul, even when I don’t feel like it. It gives me hope and a reason to look forward to the future. Like the woman in Proverbs 31, you can look forward to the days to come. It helps me in the workplace to respect and honor those who are in authority over me and to everything with my best efforts and as unto the Lord. The Bible also says that if someone asks me to one mile go with them two. It teaches me to be diligent and not to eat the bread of idleness. It empowers me in my relationships, teaches me how to choose my friends wisely and says that to have friends one must first make himself friendly. The Bible assures me of what I am living for and gives me a sense of purpose and vision. It also gives me joy in how it’s teachings stretches me to look outside of myself and serve and lay down my life for others. It keeps me my foundation firm, steadfast, and unmovable in the face of temptation and sin. This keeps me free from a life of remorse and regret. Every time I read it is water and life to my soul and there is something new because it is a living word, sharp and active like a double edged sword (Hebrews 4: 12). It also helps me examine myself and keep myself humble, because pride goes before a fall. Reading and living the Bible gives me power, peace, and confidence in all I say and do.

Friday, September 24, 2010

God's Girl: The Master's Call

The Master's Call

By: Kristin McLeod

In the morning I rise with worries on my mind, what to do and a full list of priorities unfair.
I hear His still, small voice as I gaze out at the still morning haze,
And breathe in the crisp clean air.
I take a deep breath and answer inReply, as I remember the things I must do,
waiting here and there.
“Can’t talk to you now God, I have so much to do,”Getting ready for school, “which sweater burgundy or navy blue?”
Check, check. Make the lunches, feed the dog, and be sureto brush my teeth.
Pearly whites are important, if you know what I mean?“The bus is here!”
I squeal as I thump up to the door...I hear His still, small voice once more.
“Sorry Lord. I’ll have to cut this chat short, my sister has been hanging here and I’m going out the door.”
I get to school, meet my friends and finish last night’s homework,
Next, the school bell rings and I know I can’t ignore it.I rush to class and listen intently to what my teacher has to say,
 make notes and do my assignments to the best of my ability.
At lunchtime when all is rowdy, I drown out the noise to hear Him,He whispers my name,
I know He’s there, as I return to my friends gazes and hang my head in shame.
After class, I wait for the bus, there’s no one around I know,
no one to distract me from the guilt that’s begun to show.
“I know He’s still there wanting me to ask,” my eyes turn red and I dread I’m not strong enough
 for the task.Under my breath I cry out to Him, and He whispers swiftly in reply,
but the bus drives up and I board it with a sigh.
“You know Lord, my schedule is so jam packed.
That when you utter words of life, they drift by with no impact.
As I arrive home I walk with a heavy stride, my burden weighed upon my back, my plea, I feel denied.
I run inside and greet my Mom, and be sure to grab a snack,
and maybe Then I’ll have some time to call poor Henry back.
After dinner I do my chores, and quickly wipe the table.
“It’s getting late and I’m growing weary now, I’ll hurry and do my homework
 to watch “Leonard the Cow”.At bedtime I go through the routine, brush my hair and teeth,
“I wonder how I went so long, hiding this hunger pain beneath?”
As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord still wants to talk to me.
I hear His faithful voice say, “Come to Me”.His yoke is easy and His burden is light,
I discovered this again tonight.He fills me abundantly, and doesn’t deny me when I fall,
I don’t knowWhat I’d do without the grace of the Master’s Call.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


O.k... this IS a message for girls AND guys. So, guys bear with me at first and keep reading. There is something for you!

Were all in this world and most of us are up- to- date with fashion, appeal, what's the new "in" trend... yes girls, we are talking about clothes.

I don't know about you... but I'm a girl and I love to shop! I am a Christian and yes I CAN still have fun and go to the mall with my sisters and friends. When I shop I keep an eye out for bright colours, neat fabrics, and I try everything on to make sure it looks good on me before I purchase it. Remember I said what LOOKS good.

Only a couple years ago what I thought looked fashionable, attractive and trendy came from everything I gobbled up and believed; what society and my peers told me. I have to confess, I had some intentions of my own, too.

Let's face it.. as girls we all wants to be cherished and adored, and we want to be loved by a man/ boy one day. We get to the age where we are more aware of the opposite sex. We want to feel beautiful, we want boys to take notice of us, and .... and ultimately to be loved (romantically). Whether it's one boys attention you want or many boys.

I bought into that lie... that you have to have the sexy- pout (which actually looks pretty scary... I never really mastered, the strut (girls you know what I mean), and a look with a hook. That you can reel in a guy... with one flirtacious look with your pretty peepers (eyes). But most importantly..... SEX APPEAL. Right ladies?!!?

Let's not be naive here! Most of us know guys are visual. They do some pretty stupid things around a pretty girl. They practically drool over her! We think we can get a guy ONLY if we appeal to what THEY want. Let's face it... they usually want one thing.

Society plays into that and says if you've got it flaunt it, make him- want YOU, turn his head... ec... ec. In others words, the less you wear: the better! One example of this is on the movie "Clueless" (pretty popular in my day). The main character "Cher" ... sends herself love notes. chocoaltes, and wears a skimpy dress... declaring, "then the guy will see your skin and think of ... sex". Us girls have been told to model these kind of women to hook a guy. Just look at Covergirl to Victoria's Secret.Yea, you'll get a guy this way!! But is it the kind you want to keep? Never mind what guys want... what DO YOU want???

The expression you wear your heart on your sleeve is still true. We wear things that communicate who we are... and what were about. Unfourtunately people don't need to get to know us to make judgements about us. They believe what you see is what you get.

When you or I dress sleazy... people think were easy. BUT it goes deeper than that. They see you don't value/ respect yourself, and your often a target... not of the love your seeking. An object of LUST and HATE. Guys don't want to love and protect a girl like that they just want to have her for a brief time- until.... yea! That's what those girls are selling... society is not preparing us to be good wives and mothers... but to be good "hookers". - As Lisa Brevere says. No respectable guys keeps and marries a hooker... common, Pretty Woman is JUST a movie. Just ask a guy!!

Ok... Ok. Not all guys are after our bodies. I have refreshing news!! I spoke to some Christian young men a few years back.... and I asked him what they were looking for "in the girl of their dreams." They really said, "a girl that I can talk to. That I can be- friend and be myself with". I also heard a song written by a young man that said... "I want a girl who will stand up for what she believes... want a girl that will tell me just what she thinks.... she doesn't care about herself, just everybody else." BOYS are not bad... YES! there are some worth waiting for and would be good- quality family men out there. I've seen some breathing and in action- on fire for God. Sorry, I won't give out any names or numbers though... he he.

If YOU WANT a man who will love you for you (on the inside)... then give them a chance to see past your make- up, puckered lips... and skin!!

MODESTY- IS THE BEST POLICY. In the dictionary modesty means: observing the proprieties of dress and behaviour. SEE dress is linked to behaviour.

- I realized modesty isn't dressing like your grandma, or a old school marm... you can still dress in style, but cover up. Layers are good. If you really look there are alot of options out there (I'm talking about at our local mall). Longer flowy skirts, there are the new long knee- length shorts (praise the Lord)cover- ups for baithing suits ec.

- THE REST IS UP TO YOU. You know what you are doing when you put something on in the morning to wear throughout the day. It wasn't by accident!! If you feel suductive and sexy... it's probably NOT modest. Right?? I don't want to give you a bunch of rules... but instead you seek the Lord on what is pleasing to HIM in how your present your- self. Remember... you are not your own anymore. You were bought with a price... by the blood of Christ. (That demonstrates how much value you have right there, so don't cheapen yourself!) 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20.. " Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have recieved from God. You are not your own; you were bought with a price. Therefore honour God with your body."

"If this is love than you can take it... if this is not- then don't you fake it!

My body is the Lord's temple... don't mess with me.... GOD'S property!" - a song by "Triniti"

**The right guy will stick around even if you say "No!"... If your searching for love- it is only Jesus who can love you like you need to be loved. Don't let those "no body's" get in closer than they need to. When you give in (some of you know what I mean) you'll feel emptier than you were before (you'll still be lonely)... but GOD's love goes on and on and on.

** Little girl with hopes and big dreams. Don't get swayed by those sex fiends. I understand that you want a man- but a REAL man will help you stand. - by RAZE

I'm Waiting, Not Dating

By: Kristin McLeod

To some of you reading this I may sound archaic and extremely old fashioned. I want you to know and consider that I grew up in the same generation as you. I am in my twenties and have even tried the dating scene once. So, I know what it’s like to date and then to wait (not date), and I believe, from experience that I have chosen the better way, and so can you.

I've heard it said before that love songs today are sung with musician’s lips- but not with real human lives. Today pre- teens, teenagers, and young adults are bombarded with messages telling them they are not okay unless they have that special someone in their lives. It's everywhere... it's on commercials, the internet ("meets singles here"), and sometimes even our own parents and friends feed us this analogy. But look where it's gotten our generation... divorce is rampant.

Actually when most people hear the word marriage, it's like a dirty word. Most of society would prefer common- law or living together than being committed to a lifelong soul mate.

Do you ever wonder why?

I believe it started with dating. Did you know that dating only started 200 years ago? When you date, you know how it goes. You scope out someone who "looks good" and then you want to get to know that person better. But first you think about that person often then you WANT that person. Some of you may even do some pretty crazy and unthinkable things to get that certain prospect. Today allot of times it's the girls hounding the men! Today that may not sound shocking. Before 1925 the men had to work to get the girl, win over her parents and have an impressive dowry to marry her. He would also have to go through a courtship period where they remained abstinent until their honeymoon.

If this dating thing is going so well and it's the be all- end all too finding happiness, and companionship... then why isn't it working? When you date the person of your choice, you get to know them, go out to dinner/ movies, swap saliva.... etc... etc. Then what happens when that person isn't "doing it for you anymore?" Or maybe even you meet someone else (other than the one your dating) and they are either more appealing, they understand you better.... or maybe they are just plain new. Yeah, we all know what's coming.... it's over! Is this really preparing me and you for a satisfying and life- long oneness with... one person?

Actually, it sounds more like a breeding ground for... divorce.

I'm not saying that some of you don't have legitimate reasons to end relationships! Sometimes you are better off not ending up with the one your with. If they are unfaithful, controlling or abusive (verbally, physically etc.), or if you can't agree on the really BIG issues... then please don't stay with them for the sake of staying either. (That's definitely not what I'm trying to say).

Okay, you may be saying... if you can't date than what other option is there?

Waiting and not dating.... is the answer! Haven't you ever heard the saying... the best things is life are free, and good things come to those who... wait? I believe those things are still true, and can be applied to our love lives.

I want you to know I'm not just spouting off here... I'm living it too. It can be done... but only with God's help. I mean I gave up the dating scene and I want God to pick out the one I marry... because I know I'll only make a mess of things. Yes! I know what's good for me... but God knows what's BEST for me.

Guys and gals, our hearts were NOT meant to be torn between two or (who knows) how many people, or shattered or ripped out of us with every heart wrenching "last goodbye." That wouldn't happen if we just trusted the One who created us and knows us better than we know ourselves... even with our love lives. God isn't old- fashioned, or waiting to squish you with his finger when you mess up. No, no, no. No matter if you've never thought about dating yet, or you've been with your whole class... God has a better plan for your future and present.

I thought at first (all indignantly)... "what buisness does God have with my love story?!?" He's the last one we want to oversee our romantic entanglements... but should be the one we go to in the first place. If you think about it. He made you, he knows you... he knows what you like (attracted to), who you'd mesh well or live well with. Ultimately He knows who would make you a good husband or wife. GET THIS...........

He not only knows of them.... He knows them! He knows what they are doing right now, what they are wearing, and if they are thinking about.... YOU, even now! It says in the Bible in Proverbs 31... "she does her husband good and not evil all the days of her life." You might want to re- read that. This woman loved her husband every single day she lived... so even before she met him.

Lets live our lives... especially when we interact with the "opposite sex" in such a way and as if that person (our future spouse)... COULD SEE US.... at all times. Do you think the way you carry yourself, talk to, and act around people you "like" would make the one (you marry one day) feel loved or that it would hurt them? What if the shoe was on the other foot? Reverse this scenario... how would you feel?

I'm sure we've already formulated a list of things we wouldn't like... what some of us would like is to feel like EVEN NOW the man or woman of your dreams would be protecting your heart (with their words and actions), only have eyes for you, and is being faithful to you- starting before you meet... 'till death do you part? Now, that’s what I call romantic!