Sunday, October 17, 2010

How I see Myself When I Look in the Mirror

In the past I've been anything but comfortable with the way I look. I've always had the gift of admiring other people's beauty and appreciating the way God made them... but whenever I gazed in the mirror or at a picture of myself it was quite the opposite. In my mind all my flaws would be magnified and I would flounder for one thought that recognized any true beauty there.

On top of that, I would read magazines as a teenager and see perfect teeth, legs, complexions and girls with not one hair out of place! My insecurity would begin to blaze inside of me and I knew that I certainly would never look like those models or achieve perfection. I thought about how happy those girls must be to have people's attention, have love from boys,and have the grace and confidence every girl wants. To carry themsleves with pride (dignity), or to have other girls be jealous of them. Other girls would look up to you and copy your hairstyle or they way you dressed. But most impotrtantly (I thought) people would really hear you when you have something important to say. Okay, I thought I could have everything if I achieved "the look."

Then I turned 20. As I became an adult and my body parts filled in where they needed to, I guess you could say I got more comfortable with myself. Through the Light of Life I discovered I was okay being me. Okay being me, even without the hair dye, make- up or excessive weight loss.

You see.... all those teen years I had given up on my outter appearance because I knew I would never measure up in the world's eyes or be a "beauty queen." (Man looks at the outward appearance but GOD looks at the heart.) So, I worked on my character and perfected my soul and the way I looked at and treated other people. Mostly, I strived to be more like Christ. That seemed easier to me than grasping at air to win the approval and praise of man... to be "seen" by them. That is how I started to feel good about myself. My inner beauty started to be noticed by a select few, but most importantly GOD saw! Now He (Jesus Christ) is what makes me beautiful. He's the light in my eyes and gives me a youthful complexion through the peace and hope He has placed in my life. He has given me balance and self- control which is my biggest "tummy tamer." In other words, He keeps me in shape. He gives me a glow when I smile that lets the whole world know I am His daughter.

He tells me that HE (the King of Kings) is entralled by my beauty. He made me and I am wonderfully made. Even though I may never make the cover of a "girlie" magazine... I KNOW my name is written in the Lambs book of Life. That is more than enough for me!!

God made you in His image, you are perfect just the way you were made. Beauty only lasts a short time... but true beauty is who you are on the inside. It's in your smile, your servant heart (when you lend a hand), or when you put someone else's needs before your own. Like a lucious red rose outter beauty fades and deteriorates but the grace of your mind, heart and actions go on and on.

By: Kristin McLeod

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