Friday, September 24, 2010

God's Girl: The Master's Call

The Master's Call

By: Kristin McLeod

In the morning I rise with worries on my mind, what to do and a full list of priorities unfair.
I hear His still, small voice as I gaze out at the still morning haze,
And breathe in the crisp clean air.
I take a deep breath and answer inReply, as I remember the things I must do,
waiting here and there.
“Can’t talk to you now God, I have so much to do,”Getting ready for school, “which sweater burgundy or navy blue?”
Check, check. Make the lunches, feed the dog, and be sureto brush my teeth.
Pearly whites are important, if you know what I mean?“The bus is here!”
I squeal as I thump up to the door...I hear His still, small voice once more.
“Sorry Lord. I’ll have to cut this chat short, my sister has been hanging here and I’m going out the door.”
I get to school, meet my friends and finish last night’s homework,
Next, the school bell rings and I know I can’t ignore it.I rush to class and listen intently to what my teacher has to say,
 make notes and do my assignments to the best of my ability.
At lunchtime when all is rowdy, I drown out the noise to hear Him,He whispers my name,
I know He’s there, as I return to my friends gazes and hang my head in shame.
After class, I wait for the bus, there’s no one around I know,
no one to distract me from the guilt that’s begun to show.
“I know He’s still there wanting me to ask,” my eyes turn red and I dread I’m not strong enough
 for the task.Under my breath I cry out to Him, and He whispers swiftly in reply,
but the bus drives up and I board it with a sigh.
“You know Lord, my schedule is so jam packed.
That when you utter words of life, they drift by with no impact.
As I arrive home I walk with a heavy stride, my burden weighed upon my back, my plea, I feel denied.
I run inside and greet my Mom, and be sure to grab a snack,
and maybe Then I’ll have some time to call poor Henry back.
After dinner I do my chores, and quickly wipe the table.
“It’s getting late and I’m growing weary now, I’ll hurry and do my homework
 to watch “Leonard the Cow”.At bedtime I go through the routine, brush my hair and teeth,
“I wonder how I went so long, hiding this hunger pain beneath?”
As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord still wants to talk to me.
I hear His faithful voice say, “Come to Me”.His yoke is easy and His burden is light,
I discovered this again tonight.He fills me abundantly, and doesn’t deny me when I fall,
I don’t knowWhat I’d do without the grace of the Master’s Call.

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