Monday, November 1, 2010

Girlfriendship- My Sisters

Throughout my life I have had some long term

and satisfying relationships with girlfriends. I have

learnt that these friendships are sweet while they lasted,

but these relationships seem to come and go. I know it

is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved

at all, and I often times reflect and look back at the wonder-

ful memories of girls who shaped my life. But my true blue

friends that have stuck by me through thick and thin, have

put up with me, cried with me, and cheered and applauded

me: have to be my two best friends to this day that is my

sisters: Brianne and Danielle. Yes, there are three of us, and

I am the eldest. I am actually seven years older, so when

my sisters were in diapers and playing house I was a swarthy

teenager. My interest in them never changed. I grew up but

never out of love with playing tea party, or teacher and drawing

on chalk boards, or putting on wild theatricals, and even

playing Barbies with my sisters ‘till I was eighteen years old!

I was the oldest and I got to be the ringleader and to my sisters

all my ideas were golden, my parents just thought I was occupy-

ing the little ones but in actuality, I was inventing and creating

our own little world.

Now that we are older there doesn’t seem to be so much

of an age gap and we are all young adults. We still do

everything together, and on a Saturday night we prefer

to make an activity to do list and stay in having a dance

competition, doing makeovers with before and after pictures,

playing spoons, or just talking and regaling about our weeks.

We just did this Monday night, I had an idea that we should

say 10 positive things about each of us, the other two would

each say five and we were all so encouraged and felt built up

on the inside. There was this get together on the weekend

with a large group of friends, and my ex showed up! This is

my ex that I haven’t seen in over four years and he is now

engaged. My sisters saw him arrive on the scene and it was

so sweet, because I knew what they were doing, they both

scoped me out of the crowd and sat on either side of me,

they were there to support me and were ultimately con-

cerned about how I would respond. That really touched

me to know that they are looking out for me and that they

have my back. There is also a spiritual dimension to my

relationship with my girls (sisters) we have the same belief

system that is very rare these days but we stick by it and

have the same morals and standards. We pray for each other

and also correct and challenge each other. On my wedding

day it is going to be really hard to decide which one is going

to be my maid of honour, but I know they won’t mind as long

as they get to be in my wedding party. There is a scripture in

the Bible that says one can be over powered, two can defend

themselves, but a three strand chord who can break? I know

my sisters and I are that strong three strand chord, and that no

matter what life throws at us, or if the sands of change shift in

our lives, that we’ll always remain as one, in life, love, present,

past and future; in sharing a bond that cannot be quickly broken.

By: Kristin McLeod

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