Monday, February 14, 2011


The Lord will never stand me up,
He'll never turn me down.
Relationships may come and go,
He'll always be around.

Through thick and thin He'll
guide me.
His sturdy hand I know.
Will comfort and correct me,
Against this world's uncertain flow.

My past He knows right well,
I'm no surpirse to Him.
He knows me through and through,
and loves what's deep within.

I cry and weep and fall at His feet,
feeling insecure,
Only to find, He hasn't turned His face
from me,
But held more love in store.

Different from the world who laughed
and scoffed at me,
"My weakness isn't at all repulsive to thee?"

I braced myself, as He replied,
"In this I find delight, in your weakness made
perfect, your eyes may see my light."

Engulfed by His radiant face, stealing my
breath away.
"So this is why, I gasped,
I lived this destined day."

I've known the bitter taste of sin
and all of it's effects.
Instead I choose to trust in God
who covers and protects.
With my weakness He cleanses
and perfects."

Written by: Kristin McLeod
Age 15